FITposium is all about helping your take your passion in the fitness industry and figure out how to turn it into a profitable profession. That is our mission and in order to do that we are bringing you our largest collection of presenters ever!


On October 4-7 in Scottsdale, Arizona, you will have the opportunity to learn from:

Billy Polson, Fitness Entrepreneur & Coach, presenting on:
Guarantee Your Emergence from the Pack: Becoming the Foremost Option in Your Market & Define. Research. Calibrate. Capitalize

Brandon Carter, Fitness Entrepreneur, presenting on:
Find a Way to Win: Dealing with Obstacles in a Health and Efficient Way

Danny-J, Fitness Entrepreneur, presenting on:
New Phone Who Dis?: How to Tell Your Story So You’ll Never be Forgotten

Stephanie Joanne & Jodi Rumack, Business Coaches, presenting on:
Build Your Online Empire & 90-Day Online Business Launch Plan

Lisa Simone Richards, Visibility Strategist, presenting on:
Stop Chasing Clients: Get Them to Come to You Instead

Mike Zeller, Business Coach & Entrepreneur, presenting on:
Becoming the Business Owner, Not the Business Operator

Mindy Harley, Social Media Strategist, presenting on:
How to Grow a Cohesive Community on Social Media that Converts Into Paying Clients & Breaking the Comfort Zone: Your Formula to Expedite Connection and Build Trust Online

Sean Gagnon, Fitness Entrepreneur, presenting on:
The Next Fitness Millionaire

Tana Ashlee, Fitness Entrepreneur, presenting on:
To Be Sponsored or Not to be Sponsored

Callie Bundy, Fitness Influencer, presenting on:
Building a Brand Friendly Social Media & Social Media Marketing & Negotiation

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman, Business Coaches, presenting on:
There is No Self-Made: Forming Aligned Relationships

Lindsey Schwartz, Fitness Entrepreneur & Author, presenting on:
How to Share Your Message and Grow Your Audience

Jon Boles, Business Coach, presenting on:
How to Scale your Business to 6 Figures in Under 90 Days

Angie Lee, Entrepreneur & Podcast Host, presenting on:
Your Sales Story

Nicholas Bayerle, Entrepreneur, presenting on:
How to Get Clients to Happily Pay You More with Less Effort

Shaina Weisinger, Podcasting Specialist, presenting on:
Becoming an Influencer Fast with Podcasts

Sibyl Smith, Branding Expert, presenting on:
Your Visual Brand Workout Guide: Building a Strong, Impactful Brand from the Inside-Out

Ashley Drummonds, Fitness Entrepreneur, presenting on:
Building a Protein Product Line form Scratch to Landing a Deal on Shark Tank

Julia Kelly, Marketing Strategist, presenting on:
Put it All Together: Developing Your Marketing Plan at FITposium

Karey Northington, Fitness Entrepreneur, presenting on:
Building a Debt Free and Scalable Online Coaching Business

Kelly Spartonos, Licensed Therapist, presenting on:
Exercising the Mindfulness Muscle

Faith Hibbs Clark, Casting Director, presenting on:
Success at Auditions

Chris & Heidi Powell, Fitness Entrepreneurs, presenting on:
Long Term Vision, What Comes Next In The Journey

IN ADDITION you will learn from our panel of magazine editors on how to get published!
Jessica Marksbury, Senior Editor, Golf Magazine
Gabby Richman, Editor in Chief, Scottsdale Health Magazine
Tanja Schmitz, Publisher, Fitness Magazine SA
Kirstyn Brown, Editor in Chief, STRONG Fitness Magazine

PLUS you will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with top magazine editors and cast for projects including features in

  • STRONG Fitness Magazine
  • Fitness Magazine SA
  • Scottsdale Health Magazine
  • D’FYNE Fitness Magazine and more!

AND you will be able to earn your CEU credits through ISSA and NASM!

Register now at as space is limited!

James Patrick
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