_JP_1039taggedDo you love what you do? I mean really love it? Meaning Рif you had to do it for free Рwould you still do it?

That is actually a really good measuring stick to determine if you are in the pursuit of your passion.

As a professional photographer I have rates that I use whether it is for commercial, editorial or portfolio shoots so that I can make a living for myself, pay my team and sustain my future.

However – that does not stop me from grabbing a camera and going out to photograph a gorgeous sunset in Sedona, or a lonely fisherman on a pier in New York.

There is really no money to be made when I do this. I do it because I love to do it. That love transcends into my paid work as well. It needs to. If it didn’t my work would suffer. You would see my work suffering. You would see my passion atrophy.

So I ask again – do you love what you do?

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto