I have worked with numerous entrepreneurs, primarily in the health and fitness space, in getting their projects, programs, guides, manuals, and ebooks launched.

Oftentimes entrepreneurs, like you, will get shy about promoting their product once it is ready to be released. They may post 1-or-2 times about it at the most and then are frustrated and hurt when they did not get the downloads or sales they expected.

In order to sell, you must be unapologetic in your promotion of your new product or service or offering. You should be posting about it daily, talking about why it matters, talking about why it is important, talking about how it helps people (the last being the most important).

Will you lose some followers on your channels? Absolutely! And that is fine because they are probably not the ones who would buy from you anyway – so you do not need them.

You must be so excited about what you are doing that it becomes infectious. People cannot forget that you did this.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

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