I have written probably around 700 blog articles, released more than 70 podcasts and written two e-books hoping to educate talents on how to build a brand – but most importantly, how to make money from that brand. I’ve spent countless hours interviewing business owners, magazine editors, communication specialists and marketing gurus on the intricacies of starting a business.

On my own end I’ve worked tirelessly on building a photography business as well as a bevy of other projects each with the goal of being profitable. Yet in the dozen or so years I’ve been at this there has always been one thing holding me back from making even more money.

One thing, which consistently gets in my way and slows down my cash cow potential; my brand.

There have been so many ideas and inspirations foiled by my brand.

You see; I put so much effort and energy into a strong, solid, structured, secure brand. I wanted it to be a respected brand.

That respected brand has prevented me from taking on jobs that conflict with my morals but would have paid me a lot of money. It has slowed me down from partnerships that could have lined my pockets or quick money grabs that I thought about taking.

Although that may be true – my brand, despite passing up a lot of quick money, has sustained me in the long run. It has brought me opportunities bigger than I could have imagined.

There is nothing wrong with those who want the quick money – but you can’t have both. It is a decision you will have to make for your own brand and direction.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto