As a photographer, a frequently asked question I receive from new talents is “what should I bring to the shoot?” To start, I will begin by noting the mentality I have when it comes to prepping my gear for a photo shoot. It does me no good if I leave it at home.

So, when it comes to a model/talent, you can pack what is called your “model bag.”

This is your pack of anything that you could potentially need for the shoot. Here is a list of what you can bring (as complete as I can think to make it).

Clothing: Any items that you selected to wear for the shoot (plus backup selections just in case). Also would include a variety of shoes (heels and flats in different colors), socks, undergarments (nude, white, and black), bras (nude, white, and black as well as a strapless),

Accessories: These would include jewelry, safety pins to adjust outfits, belts, sunglasses, lint roller, or any props you may want in the photo.

Personal Items: Hair brush, hairspray, hair iron, make up, and compact mirror for quick touch ups. Lotion and sunscreen for your skin may also be a good idea.

Other Items: Make sure to have your portfolio, extra business cards, as well as your booking calendar just in case. You never know who may end up being on set.

Having most of these items pre-packed in a tote or bag helps decrease the time needed to prep for your shoots.

Happy shooting!

James Patrick