I typically will write blogs about how to overcome fear, outmaneuver obstacles and conquer challenges. However I also feel paralyzing fear.

I am afraid of being stuck creatively and falling into a rut where I play it too safe and do not do enough exciting or stimulating work.

I am afraid that I am not skilled enough to make it to the top level of photographers and will end up spending my career as a portrait photographer only, never getting regular work from top ad agencies or magazine clients.

I am afraid that living in Arizona will prevent me from big opportunities that are only available to photographers working in New York or Los Angeles.

I am afraid that amateur photographers will destroy industry rates and that clients won’t be able to see the difference in quality.

I am afraid that my audience will question if I’m actually worth paying attention to and all the time and effort I put into my blogs, my podcasts and my events will go unnoticed.

I am afraid that I will eventually fail as a photographer period and will have to go back to working a job I don’t love.

These fears will give me anxiety. They will keep me up at night. They will even give me nightmares when I do sleep.

Yet it is these same fears that propel me forward, that keep me working hard, that drive me to be innovative and creative. It is all on how you choose to allow them to impact you. You can freeze up and take no action. Or you can use them to push you to push yourself beyond what you ever thought was possible.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto