Here is a list of things you never want to hear escape the mouth of a photographer on set.

– Whoops

– Well… that didn’t work.

– Don’t do whatever you just did again.

– You didn’t want these photos did you?

– I’ve been out all last night so can we get through this quickly?

– I forgot my camera, so I’ll be drawing this one.

– I’ll just fix that in Photoshop.

– You can edit these right?

– I can get you published if you just take that off.

– Wow you are in so much better shape now!

– You really should not have shot with that other photographer.

– Okay, I suppose we can shoot some lifestyle stuff later, but first let’s shoot something really sexy.

– I normally charge 10 times more, but for this one day you can get me at a discount.

– I only needed to take a couple shoots, you did that well.

– This camera could make anyone look good.

– I can fix anything in Photoshop.

– Every model I work with is awful.

– Must be nice just having hair and makeup done every day for work.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto