I know lots of people who have endless ideas. They are constantly developing new concepts and plans for what they could do.

I also know lots of people who can talk – a lot. They are always discussing their goals and what could come to fruition in the not to distant future.

Yet neither of these groups of people I know have any recognizable level of success. They think, they talk but the cycle carries on and on unbroken or unchanged. It remains constant.

There is one key ingredient they miss.

You see, we already have enough people who think of ideas and enough people talking about what they want to do. What we need and what we lack is action.

I know a guy, late 30s, who wants to be a professional photographer. He would e-mail me questions – how to do this or that, how to approach this or that, how to handle this or that. He would tell me “I’m going to start marketing myself, I am going to pound the pavement, I am going to knock on doors!” (And a few other overused expressions here).

Flash forward three years to today. He is now a guy in his early 40s who wants to be a professional photographer. Yet during all that time he is not one step closer to achieving it, The passion he has may or may not still be there – but without action he stays in his ongoing cycle of talk.

Action. That’s what brings success. Getting out there daily and taking action. Doing the work. What’s stopping you?

James Patrick
Instagram @jpatrickphoto