Professional_Models_Playbook-coverI am excited to announce the launch of my second e-book entitled The Professional Model’s Playbook, which is now being sold individually or in a special bundle package with my first e-book Fit Model Guide exclusively at

The Professional Model’s Playbook was originally available only to attendees of the FITposium conference but is now being released to everyone else. The e-book will guide you through the new landscape of the talent industry and how to orchestrate the right brand message for your target clientele as well as revealing the tools necessary for your journey.

Orchestrating your brand, building clients and pitching yourself to magazines, as a freelance model, has never been easy. There are so many opportunities but so little direction on how to get the attention of the decision makers to be noticed.

That is why I created both Fit Model Guide and The Professional Model’s Playbook. As a photographer who has worked trying to get magazines to pick up pitches I know how hard it can be to navigate through the publishing industry, fearing rejection and not hearing back. As a business owner with a background as a professional marketer, I also know the hard work it takes to establish a sustainable brand, navigate the ever-changing business landscape and create the right tools to build the career I desired to have.

There is a better approach to marketing yourself! I’ve taken my knowledge and experience as an internationally published fitness photographer and combined it with some of the best experts in the industry including editors of magazines, communication specialists and highly published fitness models to create the Fit Model Guide e-book on how to get published.

I then took it even further to pull from more than a decade of professional marketing and branding experience to write The Professional Model’s Playbook for modeling talents looking to go beyond being published to launch their own career.

You’ve worked hard as a fitness talent thus far. Now it is time to work smarter. Supplement your current efforts with these two guides now available exclusively at 

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto