Over the last ten plus years in this industry I have noticed one thing that separates those who often succeed versus those who do not. It is not the amount of money they spend or the number of Instagram followers they have. It has nothing to do with their background, education or credentials. And it is certainly not about how often they get published or appear in the media.

Out of the thousands of faces who have come across my camera, purchased my e-books, attended the FITposium conference, listened to our podcast or hired my team and I for coaching – there is only one single thing that separates those who achieve success and those who do not.

Those who succeed are those who LAUNCH. They don’t go around talking about the ideas they have. Instead they spend that time taking those ideas and turning them into a reality. This singular action of launching is what inspired Kelly Sparotnos and myself to create the LAUNCH PROGRAM. The inspiration behind it was very simple; help a group of fitness enthusiasts take their idea and turn it into a reality.

The moment you LAUNCH your entire life will change. How you view the world will change. How you view yourself will change. How you view future challenges will change. The LAUNCH PROGRAM is a 6-part course held over 7-to-8 weeks where both Kelly and myself will guide you through everything that is required to take your idea and LAUNCH it into something that is real.

As I said at the start, you do not need a special degree in business or a background in this industry. All you need is an idea and the willingness to work with us to break through all the barriers that have stopped you from launching before.

Our first LAUNCH program concluded right before the end of 2017 and was vastly successful as we worked with just over half a dozen entrepreneurs to help them bring their ideas to market.

So I now offer you a challenge. I challenge you to take action. I challenge you to put your ideas into motion. I challenge you to LAUNCH.

Apply to join us on our second round of LAUNCH (starting January 20th) by applying today at www.YouInFocusConsulting.com – if you get your application in before this Friday at midnight we are taking off $100 of the program fee!

Thank you so much and we very much look forward to launching with you!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto