I often write about how often we hesitate to launch something new because we are fearful of what others might thing.

We hesitate on the blog release because what if someone does not like it?

We hesitate on the podcast being published because what if no one listens?

We hesitate on the book launch because what if it gets a 1 star review?

The reality is, however, that we cannot improve anything without the launch, without the release, without it being on the market. It is your product or service being in front of the pubic (in all of its imperfections). That is how you can improve it, scale it, grow it.

Launch before you think you are ready. You need that feedback. My first blogs sucked. My first podcasts sucked. My first attempt at an e-book sucked. It gets better.

Taking it a step further, in a recent FITposium podcast I was interviewing Alex Armstrong from Gymotion Consulting. He brought up a concept I loved which is that we should be striving to get relentless feedback from our clients.

How can I better serve you?

Imagine you ask a different client every single week how you can better serve them. Imagine the amazing feedback you would get. Also realize how important that makes the client feel; that they could have such a positive impact on your business.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto