Within just a few minutes of meeting someone I can easily tell if someone is more likely to succeed or struggle in his or her career.

Those who succeed possess a singular trait that those who struggle seem to lack.


All the school, all the business books, all the podcasts and YouTube videos cannot give you curiosity.

You have to be curious if you want to have more potential to grow your business.

What does curiosity give you? The likelihood that you will ask questions, and not just any questions, the likelihood that you will ask the right questions.

Curious people seek out answers. They ask “what would happen if…” or “why has no one ever tried…”

Curiosity, asking questions, is the key to the information that can scale a business or to the inspiration that can define a new direction to take.

I cannot teach you how to be curious. I can only implore that you start asking more questions.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto