What follows is a quick snapshot from our full interview we did with the Editor of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, Katelyn Swallow, on what models and contributors need to know when pitching to magazines. If you would like to read the full interview, please head over to the FITposium online network!

I am responsible for everything from editorial planning, marketing strategy, events and talent sourcing to writing, editing and image sourcing (including covers).  

Primary goal is to create original, science-backed and useful content for readers.

In regards to industry experts, I am looking for people who are articulate and knowledgeable (go beyond your basic personal trainer qualifications and get educated/experienced), and go above and beyond in terms of content and timeliness.  

For models/trainers, it’s all about their quality of images, having a clear point of difference, their social following/brand success, how they align with our own brand values and how well they present themselves to camera.  

For magazines, images are nearly everything and tells me a lot about:

  1. a) how well you have researched the brand you are pitching to and
  2. b) how your personal brand aligns with the Women’s Health & Fitness brand. 

Images need to be high-resolution, of good quality and aligned with out brand values. For example, there is little point figure competitors sending images of themselves posing to Women’s Health & Fitness – we aren’t a body building magazine and those images do not appeal to our audience.

Mountains of dense text with no spacing is a big no-no. Editors are extremely busy people – we need the short and sharp facts in an easily digestible format.

Don’t tell editors your life story: make it about them and what you can do for their brand, rather than over-selling yours.

Your social media needs to align to our brand values in a similar way to your pitch.

Get a photographer on board who knows his/her stuff and create content for specific media genres. Make sure images are well lit, of good quality, high-res and not too ‘busy.’

Get content to editors in a very timely fashion without compromising quality, and I guarantee you they will come back time and time again!

Make sure you never take your success for granted and keep pushing toward your next goal. Stay humble and never burn a publishing bridge.  

Special thanks again to Katelyn for the great interview. Be sure to head over to FITposium.com to read the full interview!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto