I was about 90% done writing the blog article for today when I had a quick conversation with a recent talent I worked with Melinda Jurecki. She was telling me about a new restaurant her husband Doug helped open just seven days ago. I immediately saved my previous blog post to the queue and started writing this one.

You see not unlike most of us, Doug enjoys making others happy. Apart from being a leader, he is really passionate about being in the kitchen, putting his skills to work, making people happy.

In the past week he poured in probably about 80 or more hours into this new business. And what was the results of this effort? The restaurant completely surpassed their financial goals for the first week and have not even held their official grand opening yet.

As you can imagine, Doug is probably exhausted. Regardless, he is ready and excited for the second week. He feels his dreams are coming true. Doing what he loves and is successful because of it.

What Doug teaches us is that passion does not happen only between the hours of 9-to-5. Passion hits us when we first wake up in the morning and keeps us awake at night either working hard or thinking about what we could do.

There is no time limit on what we are passionate about.

Doug was one of us who found something he is truly passionate about. Have you found yours?

James Patrick