November 2013 Featured Talent Alexia Clark

November 2013 Featured Talent Alexia Clark

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with agency-signed commercial and fitness talent Alexia Clark. During the photo shoot I learned a bit about her experience going to various auditions and some of the projects she has been able to work on.

In this interview we discuss how she balances working both in fitness and in the commercial talent industries as well as her tips for how to differentiate yourself when on set for an audition or casting call.

James Patrick: You work as both a fitness model and a commercial modeling talent. How do you balance the two endeavors?
Alexia Clark: I have a big portfolio! To be able to market myself for both I have to show I can do both. That’s one of the most important things. Having a balanced portfolio of fitness/sports and commercial modeling will show the wide variety of modeling abilities.

JP: When you go to auditions, what are some of the differences between commercial bookings and fitness bookings?
AC: With both commercial and fitness modeling it’s more important to relate to the product or the situation you are audition for. I don’t treat my commercial auditions or fitness auditions differently, it all depends on what you are selling or what the point it you are trying to get across.

JP: In the audition process, what are ways in which you differentiate yourself from others?
AC: When I go to an audition I walk in with pure confidence and be friendly, bubbly and funny. I talk to everyone, joke around with the casting directors and always shake their hands. A lot of times I go to auditions and I see people sitting quietly on their phones, not really talking to anyone and just keeping to themselves. Just think- everyone on TV commercials or on the cover of fitness magazines don’t look or act shy. You have to be happy and have passion!

JP: You have agents which help you in getting different castings and auditions. However, what are some of the ways in which you market yourself?
AC: I keep up with different casting directors, PR company’s and photographers that I have worked with. I also subscribe to some casting websites.

JP: When you have two separate modeling genres that you work in, how do you organize your portfolio and marketing materials effectively?
AC: I always start my portfolio with my headshot and then photos that I think show my true lifestyle capturing me doing activities I do on a regular basis. Then as the pages start flipping into more high fashion and fitness toward the back. Clients want to see who you are.

JP: Lastly, as you’ve been working as a talent for awhile, what is something you know now in your career that you wish you would have known when you first started?
AC: Be you! Going into modeling auditions trying to act is completely ineffective. If you have never modeled for the product before try to relate to it. Do you use something similar? Do you know someone that uses it? Do you’re research and most importantly have fun at the audition. If you don’t get it, there is always another one coming your way. You are just one more no closer to a yes.

Special thanks goes out to Alexia Clark for being a part of this feature.