Australian Iron Man Cover Featuring D.J. Trudeau

Australian Iron Man Cover Featuring D.J. Trudeau

I first had the opportunity to work with D.J. Trudeau last year on one of my team’s trips to Los Angeles. I had never met him nor did I have much idea of what to expect. What we had however was someone who was truly driven in what they wanted to achieve. Probably about a year has passed since then and that drive has not faded – but increased. I’ve now had a few opportunities to work with D.J. and to see our work published both in Australian Iron Man Magazine as well as an upcoming cover and spread in Max Sports & Fitness Magazine.  In this interview I had the opportunity to ask D.J. about his transition into the fitness modeling industry and the launch of his new business.

James Patrick: D.J., you’re fairly new to the industry and actually left a fairly lucrative job to pursue your interests in fitness. What inspired this transition?
D.J. Trudeau: I’m someone who thrives when I’m passionate about something. I love making money but chasing that alone isn’t my passion at all. I just was unfulfilled working 50 hours a week and spending that whole time talking about something I really didn’t care about. I knew what I wanted and have always been a huge risk taker so we made a decision and went all into fitness.

JP: No doubt there was some days that were harder to navigate that others. How did you keep your focus on what you wanted to do or achieve?
D.J.: The hardest part is the very beginning. Being a nobody trying to be a somebody and no one’s going to get you there except yourself. My first thing I tell everyone not just for fitness but life, is you need a goal, then a plan. I always have both of those and have supreme confidence in myself and if someone doesn’t like the way I do things I don’t let it effect what I know is right. So all I see is my goal and my passion is the fuel that pushes me towards it, 24/7.

JP: When you first started what were some of your first goals and how did you work towards those goals?
D.J.: Fitness is very vast and tons of different routes can be taken so you need to be very specific. I have a few specific goals but my main one has always been and is still to be the top cover model. I knew I could make it happen even before I really started transforming my body so I took that faith, put in the work, and connected with photographers like yourself who could at least give me an opportunity to prove what I already knew. Once I achieve that and have the respect and following then we turn it around and help the whole world get fit. My passion is conquering huge personal goals and then showing people how to do it for themselves.

JP: What were some of the core things you did to market yourself and your brand?
D.J.: Here’s the thing, I’m great at fitness and people but I’m a terrible marketer, haha! I basically just used Facebook and connected with the right people. I think the most important thing is make the right connections and be the guy that people respect, not just from looks but what’s most important is who you are.

JP: Over the past year, how have your goals and directions for what you were trying to do change?
D.J.: They really haven’t. I knew it would take some time to reach them so I still have the same goals, just way closer now.

JP: You recently launched your own fitness company, Trudeau Fitness. Can you share a little about what that is and how it is unique and different?
D.J.: Absolutely, my main thing is not fitness, it’s creating an amazing and happy life. In order to do that you need your temple (body/health) to be firing on all cylinders from a looks and health standpoint. So what we do is set whatever goal the client wants, I put together a plan for their whole all around life that they can follow and I walk them through it step by step. It’s amazing the transformations and lives I’ve see completely changed; amazing.

JP: Now that you are about a year into the industry, where are you putting your energy now? What upcoming goals do you have?
DJ: My life has never been so great. Every single day seems like a dream. I really never knew this was possible. So I’m enjoying the moment each and every day. With that said my goal is to inspire the world and build a legacy that will be remembered for a long long time, and teach my son how to be great in life.

Special thanks to D.J. for this interview and stay tuned for our upcoming cover and spread in Max Sports & Fitness Magazine!

James Patrick