We are one week away from starting off a new year filled with new challenges and new milestones. With that, I have a list of dares for you to consider as your prepare your list of goals for 2012.


… set ambitious goals. Don’t be afraid to aim higher than what you think you can do. You may surprise yourself on what you achieve.

… change something. Allow the status quo to be in the hands of someone else. Shift something in your environment (personally and professionally).

… take more risks. Start with smaller risks if you have to, but get yourself comfortable with being uncomfortable. Don’t allow yourself to settle.

… create some form of accountability. You could share your goals with a friend or colleague. You can post them online. You could even put them up on your refrigerator. Anything which will constantly remind you of what you’ve set for yourself in the new year.

… do more than just plan. Take that idea or that project which has been collecting dust in the back of your mind. Finish it. Publish it. Share it. Complete it and get it out there.

… do a personal project. Something you do for more than just financial gain. Something which exercises you (mentally, physically or emotionally).

… leave behind what you dislike and do what you enjoy. One of the hardest things to do; but could potentially be the most rewarding.

Happy New Years to all my readers!

James Patrick