You and your brand cannot be for everyone. By trying to market yourself and your services to a general audience you are just going to end up watering down your message and not appealing to anyone.

The more specific you can get in your targeting, the better,

I recommend you fill out a customer avatar worksheet. If you want a free template for this worksheet, text me directly at (480) 605-3254 and tell me that you want the customer avatar worksheet and I will send it on over.

The worksheet is split into four major quadrants.

What does your customer avatar like, enjoy or find interesting. What do they value and find important in their lives? You want a strong indicator of who they are and what matters the most to them.

What are they struggling with right now? What is holding them back? Why can’t they move forward? What are they stuck with?

What is their aspirational identity? What goal do they want to achieve that is on the other side of their pains and challenges. HINT: Your services will bridge this gap.

This is an important section. Where are they already where you can connect with them? What do they read, watch, listen to or attend? This is where you will focus your marketing efforts.

To get the free worksheet on customer avatars, text me at (480) 605-3254

James Patrick
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