Much like a website landing page, your Instagram BIO is essential real estate you can use to quickly demonstrate to a visitor WHO you are, WHAT you do and (most importantly) WHY IT MATTERS to them.

Let’s start with your name
If you can get your handle to be your name, then you can actually use the name section to list your profession. Since My handle @jpatrickphoto is not my full name, I have my full name in the name section but followed by my role.
James Patrick | Business Coach

Now let’s move into the next four lines because the order of what you put on each line matters.

LINE 1-2: What you do and who you do it for.
I coach fitness entrepreneurs to GROW:

Line 3: Credibility Line. Us this to talk about where you’ve been featured or some quick facts about you that enhances your validation in the eyes of your target audience.
For example mine is Photographed 500+ Magazine covers.

Line 4: This will be your last line. The reason is you do not want Instagram to truncate your bio, hiding the last lines where visitors have to click “more” to see the rest. The truth is, most won’t. The last line you want to be your CTA or call to action. What you do want visitors to do? More often than not this should be to drive traffic to a free lead magnet you are giving away. For mine I cycle between either a free e-book, a free course or a free nurture group. But the fourth line is encouraging people to click the link below.

The URL obviously is pointing to the specific landing page or final destination I want to take visitors. Notice I do not use a Link Tree. Why? If you give people too many options – they may not take any.

That’s it. Super simple!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto