I have the best coaching clients in the world. The entrepreneurs I get to work with take the biggest leaps and earn themselves the greatest rewards. However, every now and then this situation will come up – and thus it is important enough that I need to do a deep dive into it.

The unwillingness, or the fear of celebrating one’s accomplishments.

You achieve something amazing in your path or your journey but you hesitate sharing the story of your success with others because you are afraid that:

– It might make someone feel bad because they haven’t done that or

– You might get judged for it

It triggers that imposter syndrome of “who am I to be doing this?”

Not celebrating your accomplishments is damaging on two fronts.

First, if you personally are not taking ownership for the amazing things you are doing – you will inherently be less motivated and less likely to continue the motivation to go further in your journey. You are far more likely to be susceptible to burn out and fatigue. You can lose sight of your purpose and intention. You have a much higher propensity of giving up.

Celebrating your accomplishments – no matter the size, is a key strategy for enhanced and sustained motivation. It is also taking that ownership to build credibility with your audience even further.

It confronts that imposter syndrome with a huge victory of accomplishment making it much easier to face that fear in the future, and it will come up again.

But we must also explore how your lack of celebration is actually harmful to others.

If you do not celebrate your accomplishments…

If you do not promote the achievements you have earned…

It actually will inhibit the success of others.

Perhaps they will not push themselves as hard because they don’t see what is possible. Perhaps they won’t even try as they don’t see what can be achieved.

We model ourselves after success.

Success begets more success.

So the more you succeed and the more you share and celebrate your success, the more you give others the motivation and the permission to seek out and achieve their own success.

Thus to not celebrate your success is to actually rob your fellow entrepreneurs from the motivation, inspiration and accountability to achieve their own.

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James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto