Offering your prospective clients lower ticket offerings is a phenomenal way to boost your sales – but not in the direct way you may be thinking.

What is a low ticket offer?
A low ticket offer is a product that is sold at a lower investment to the client, typically under $100 but more often under $50. These can include e-books, e-courses, webinars, workshops, downloads, templates, etc.

The goal is not…
The goal of a low ticket offer is NOT to make a lot of money. Consider an e-book priced at $20. If you manage to sell 100 of them, that is amazing, congrats. But that only amounts in $2000 of revenue.

If not revenue, then what?
The goal of the low ticket offer is to give your audience a stepping stone before they opt into your main offers.

For example, if you are a fitness coach and the price to work with you is $900 for 3 months (at $300/month) and I am a new client prospect, I may not be willing to make that jump from $0 to $900 to work with you.

However if you had a low ticket offer (ie a downloadable workout guide for $40) I may check that out first.

CUSTOMER PSYCHOLOGY RULE: Once someone invests one time, they are significantly more likely to invest again.

So giving them an amazing offer at only $40 and now they have built the confidence to do more business with you as you’ve provided them a stepping stone between never investing and opting into your core offer.

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James Patrick
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