This is the fourth year in a row I’ve done this post which in full transparency and disclosure recaps how things went over the last 12 months of both my career with James Patrick Photographer as well as in my own life.

Those who have been subscribed awhile are aware of the extensive writing I’ve done about how I set and track goals. To briefly recap; as I enter each year I set goals in a variety of categories such as “photography” or “writing” or “personal development” and under each category I have a list of specific goals and milestones as well as estimated due dates to complete them. I check back in on this list four times a year to track my progress and revise my efforts if need be. At the end of the year I do the final recap (fourth review) and plan out my goals for the upcoming year.

It is a fairly long and intensive process – but one that I’ve found to be highly effective in keeping me accountable in achieving what I set out to accomplish.

Within the past 12 months I had 42 magazine covers published in multiple countries; I had the opportunity to travel and work in California, New York, Las Vegas and even Minnesota; I had the privilege of interviewing with some of my favorite publications including Sports Illustrated; I launched the e-book which was 2 years in the making, I judged a beauty pageant and a fitness competition, I taught at multiple high school and college workshops and had the chance to write for a national photography magazine.

GOALS: I set 17 specific goals for the year that including launching a postcard mailer campaign, continuing a previous marketing campaign from 2013, sending out my portfolio to at least 20 national clients, meet with 8 national clients, photograph 25 various magazine covers, develop a new demo reel, open a photo studio and pitch to photo agencies, along with a few others.

RESULTS: As mentioned I had 42 magazine covers get published over the past year. I did complete the 12 postcard mailer campaign with very measurable results (not as big as I hoped honestly) and continuing my Developing Beyond the Image Marketing campaign with a series of client interview videos that were posted to social media channels. I created a list of more than 70 target clients that I marketed to throughout the year – some of which I had the opportunity to meet in person and do a bit work with – thus the tracking method and repeat follow ups proved beneficial. I completed my second photo book which was sent out as a marketing piece to target clients as well. Unfortunately the opening of my studio was postponed as I was unable to find the perfect place. I did travel to both Los Angeles and to New York to meet with different photo editors and art directors from top publications I wanted to build relationships with. I pitched to two photo agencies but was turned down by both. I also had the opportunity to work with more than 400 models in 2014. Lastly I was able to photograph 2 NFL athletes, 2 professional golfers, a TV star and two Olympic medalists.

GOALS: Update speaking page on website, present at least three photography-related presentations and develop a self produced model-related presentation/seminar.

RESULTS: The website was updated and I spoke to multiple HS workshops as well as a college guest lecture. The groundwork has begun for an upcoming modeling seminar to happen in 2015 – however it did not happen in 2014 as I had hoped.

GOALS: Enhance marketing of video services to clients.

RESULTS: Multiple talents hired my team for behind the scenes demo reels to coincide with their photo shoots – however could have done a much better job at marketing it to clients.

GOALS: Run a second half marathon and get back into a regular training routine.

RESULTS: Due to illness I was unable to do a second half marathon but I did get back into a regular training routine after a slow recovering from a nagging injury I’ve dealt with for nearly two years.

GOALS: Read 30 books, study posing and lighting competition, actively learn new post production techniques, contact four people I admire, become a better cook and learn better color management practices in photo editing.

RESULTS: I read somewhere around 35 books and did spend a lot of time studying my craft (however I could dedicate more time to this). I only contacted one person I admired instead of four and I did learn a few new recipes in the kitchen – but not as much as I should or could have.

GOALS: Have 4 articles published, continue the blog posts and launch the e-book.

RESULTS: I had three articles published and two more assigned which will be released in 2015. The blog continued to grow and I was able to launch the e-book which has been selling quite decently.

GOALS: Grow the Faceook page, focus on significant interviews and redo the website.

RESULTS: The Pro Exposure’s Facebook page did not grow as much as I had hoped but we did get some fantastic interviews on podcast including Joel Grimes and Pamela Slim. The website is currently under construction for a new release in early 2015.

Looking into 2015 I’ve already set more than 100 goals for myself. I’ve settled on a new marketing campaign for the new year, have plans for two new photo books as well as a second e-book I hope to write, a new brochure to market my commercial photography services, have selected a list of my top 10 dream clients to market to, relocate my business to the Phoenix area and open my studio and pitch to multiple photo agencies. Also I will be doing a significant amount of personal and test work in the New Year to expand my horizons as an artist. I am collaborating with some colleagues on a modeling educational event as well as a fitness show. I plan to compete in my second half marathon as well as host a few dinner parties in which I am the chef (provided people trust me). My team and I are working hard on the launch of network which will include articles, videos and additional podcasts. Finally – my overall theme and goal for the new year is to enjoy what I do more. I often get so wrapped up in the results I fail to enjoy the most important part – the process.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting again this New Year!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto