In any industry you will see individuals that excel and others which just get by. The modeling industry is no different. So beyond the basics of being timely and reliable – what are the traits and habits of those who are successful?

1. They Are Proactive Not Reactive
Successful talents are proactive. They take action quick and don’t wait to react to what happens around them. Being proactive means having clear goals they can follow – knowing confidently they are moving in the right direction. Being proactive also get them in on opportunities first whereas their competitors are still in reacting mode.

2. They Take Risks
Perhaps it is a certain job or it is introducing themselves to a key client. Successful models and willing to overcome fear by putting themselves out there, connecting with others and doing what their competition may not.

3. They Seek Advice of Others
Successful models stay curious about their industry. They talk to those they admire to learn as much as possible and constantly strive for ways to improve their own craft.

4. They Focus on Monetization
Many talents want to mass up magazine features or covers without a plan on how to turn that into profit. Successful talents take everything they do and monetize it – turning it into a way to grow their brand and profitability.

5. They are Willing to Fail
Being willing to fail means they are willing to take risks others are not. If it doesn’t work they simply change the approach and go at it again.

If you were to run yourself by these five traits – how would you score?

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto