These are certain things that no one told me. For example; no one told me that you are not supposed to be able to actually leave a secure job. No one told me that you are not supposed to be able to start your own company. And no one told me that you are not supposed to be able to be successful. In fact, I don’t believe anyone told me any of these things. So I ignorantly left my job, started my own business and in somewhat of a blind ignorance I became successful in my own right. Each year of running my business I enjoyed more success, which continued to shadow any reason to have doubt.

However I then had a year where business slowed. Sure, I beat my goals that I set for myself, yet it didn’t feel as big or momentous or successful as year’s prior. Thus for the first time ever the feeling of doubt began to show its face. Were the first few years a farce? Was it just a flash in the pan? Perhaps I didn’t actually have the ability to leave my job, start a company and be successful.

If you look at nearly any great story or film there are two major shifts a character has to endure. The first is the call to action. It is the incident that propels them into motion and changes their life moving forward. But then, later in the story, comes the second shift. This turning point is when the character faces something even harder which nearly overcomes them so they have to dig really deep to find something that allows them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. That is true evolution of a character.

When you set out to do something, the initial call to action is what got you to start the business or venture. For fellow nerds out there, think about the film Star Wars. Luke Skywalker was propelled into action when the Empire killed his Aunt and Uncle. Then you set out, just as Luke did, on your journey. You evolve and you grow – but at some point you will face another, even greater, challenge.

This second shift will force you to look inside of yourself. It will require that you dig deep down to find that energy, that passion, that drive which you can use to get over the seemingly insurmountable challenge.

You learn to believe that you deserve success. You find that courage to push past any doubt or fear. That is what develops true grit. Then, any only then, you can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m sure these moments have impacted you in some way or form in your life. I look forward to each of your great successes as well as to working towards earning my own.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto