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On Sunday April 7, 2019 the James Patrick Photography team participated in our annual SHARE THE LIGHT creative campaign through a partnership with the Jewish War Veterans of the United States Copper State Post 619.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA is the oldest congressionally chartered national Veterans service organization in America. It was founded in more than 120 years ago in 1896 by a group of Jewish Civil War Veterans. Their mission is to service our needy US Veterans, support our service men and women on active duty, confront anti-Semitism, honor the memory of fallen comrades and promote patriotism.

I and the rest of the James Patrick Photography team created the SHARE THE LIGHT campaign to partner with a charity and/or non-profit organization and provide creative services to support the organization and expand the visual exposure of their mission. That is why we entitled the program SHARE THE LIGHT. This is critically important to me to help give my services and talents to organizations that can truly benefit form them.

During the 25th Year Anniversary Celebration Ceremony, I set up a photo studio on site and provided portraits for both veterans and volunteers at the organization to visually tell their stories. Each person had the opportunity to be in front of my camera for a few minutes of their time while I worked to make a portrait of them.

This project actually originated two years earlier when I had the pleasure of working with half a dozen Korean War Veterans (including my wife’s grandfather) – several being members of the JWV of the United States Copper State Post 619. Those original photos inspired this new opportunity.

On behalf of the entire James Patrick Photography team, I would like to thank all the volunteers and Veterans of the JWV of the United States – not only for their time they were able to spend with us – but for their truly invaluable service they have provided this country!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto