I’m bringing back our special edition episodes called My Entrepreneurial Journey. These are episodes where I get to chat with entrepreneurs who are building, working, marketing, selling in real time and chat about their journey.

In today’s episode, I get to chat with one of my dear friends. She’s no stranger to the show, Lauren Donahue, who has founded a brand new coffee company called Laleigh Coffee.

We’re diving into how she launched this product, what she’s learned in taking this product to market, as well as the story behind the product.


  • How Lauren makes all her income via Instagram.
  • The story behind Laleigh Coffee.

“The cream will always rise to the top.”

  • Making it in a competitive industry.
  • The importance of having a quality product and doing the behind the scenes work.
  • Why asking questions is a good thing.
  • Diving into learning instead of running away from it and giving up.
  • Setting goals in your business.
  • Why taking action makes a difference.
  • The power of word of mouth marketing when you have executed an amazing product.
  • Different ways to expand your business and generate more income.

The first 20 people who listen to the show, go buy their bag of Laleigh coffee and post it about on Instagram, tag @jpatrickphoto and @laleighcoffee – I will reimburse you for your order! Go now! www.laleighcoffee.com

Connect with Lauren

Laleigh Instagram – @laleighcoffee

Lauren’s Instagram – @laurenldonahue

Website: www.laleighcoffee.com

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