We get to chat about a topic that as you know, is very near and dear to my heart, the fitness industry. In particularly, what we’ve seen in the wellness industry over the last 18 months – which is a tremendous amount of change and evolution.

It’s required entrepreneurs to get savvy and start to think about how to best show up, connect with, and give value for their audience so they can grow their businesses in a new way.

My guest today is Jenny J, the founder of Jenny J Fitness. In a single year, she went from unemployed to running a 6-figure business. We’re talking about her process and how she made that happen.


  • How Jenny went from losing everything due to COVID to launching a successful business.
  • What social media channels helped Jenny and her business.
  • How being yourself will ultimately attract more people to you.
  • The importance of realizing you don’t need anyone’s approval in your own business.
  • The productive way to respond to haters.
  • Finding your community in business.
  • Turning followers into sales.

“That’s how I turn my followers into clients. Getting them out of the social media platform, into my email list, and eventually into my paid product.”

  • Getting clear on what YOU’RE good at and what you can scale and automate.
  • Staying connected to your audience.
  • Turning failure into success.
  • Why you should have multiple streams of income.

“You have to fail in order to succeed. It’s just like building muscle. You have to break your muscle down in order to grow new muscle.”

Connect with Jenny:

Website: www.jennyjfitness.com

Instagram: @jennyjfitness

Facebook: Jenny J Fitness

TikTok: @jennyjfitness


Details: September 16-18th, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ. Both virtual and in-person passes will be available. 

All details are live HERE: https://fitposium.com/

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