Our topic today is time. More specifically, the things we are spending time on that are not giving us return, especially in our business, and are not generating any income. The medium we are discussing today, which you may have already guessed, is social media.

“It’s important to recognize that social media originally leveled the playing field in marketing. Where relatively unknown could rise quickly to near superstardom faster, and with more agility than a large corporate brand.”


  • A video that James watched many years ago about social media and predictions that were made.
  • Where social media is today and how it effects your business.
  • Where the balance of power really lies on social media.
  • How an individual can stay ahead of the algorithm.
  • Why we jump on social media trends to try to outsmart the system.
  • The fact that engagement on social channels has plummeted.
  • Spending too much time creating content that isn’t connecting with our audiences.
  1. Stop trying to create content in hopes it goes viral and stop spending so much time copying a trend. Instead, create content for one single person in your audience.
  2. Invite that person to connect with you in a place where there can never be an algorithm severing that connect. Ex: email

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