One of the topics that comes up so often is trying to get entrepreneurs to take things off of their to-do lists.

“When we start outsourcing and getting those things off our to-do lists, we shift ourselves from working in our business to working on our business.”

In today’s episode, I talk with Sam Kabert; he’s an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and he more than doubled his business when he decided to invest in hiring a VA.

In this episode we dive into the importance of having a team of people to help do things in your business in order to scale it.


  • The key to managing having many different things going on within your business.
  • How virtual assistants can lead to doubling your business revenue while doing less work.
  • Setting an effective plan to bringing on the right people in your team.
  • Subjective vs. Objective Tasks
  • Managing your employees and the tasks you outsource efficiently.
  • Setting expectations with new hires.
  • Staying organized and tracking tasks to completion with your team members.
  • Hiring your first VA; Use Sam’s Skills & Thrills Matrix
  • Taking a real look at the hours you are working and how it equates financially.
  • How to give good feedback to your team members to help them grow with your business.

“If you’re super intentional about anything you do, success will come if you’re dedicated to your craft.”

This episode is packed with tips and advice on how to keep your business running smoothly as you outsource tasks and bring on employees. If you’re feeling like you’re doing everything, it’s time for you to take things off your to-do list confidently!


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