In today’s episode I get to chat with my dear friend, Jenn Roux. She’s the owner of Fresh Take Fitness and a representative for Zyia Active. She was also one of the graduates of our mastermind program and I got to witness her growth as she transitioned from corporate America to full time entrepreneurship. We dive into how she made that journey happen!


  • The call that led Jenn to go into entrepreneurship full time.
  • How she made her business her own even with many other similar businesses out there.
  • Jenn’s mindset in the beginning of her journey and how she went from having imposter syndrome to overcoming that and becoming successful.
  • Jenn’s transition from side hustle to full time entrepreneur and all that came with that.
  • The importance of laying a strong foundation for who you want to be in your business and having every action build upon that.
  • Why you should always be leading a team, no matter what stage of entrepreneurship you are in.


  1. Invest in coaching.

“I can not stress enough how important it is to invest in yourself, because that’s an investment in your business. You will go further faster if you have help.”

  1. Remember this journey takes time.
  2. Don’t compare your business or journey to anyone else’s.


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