For many of us, our entrepreneur journey starts by trading our time for money. We work exclusively by giving our time in exchange for compensation. However, the resulting issue is we either hit the ceiling of running out of time or we eventually max out how much we believe we can charge for our time.

When we hit that point we then enter into a new phase of seeking to create additional income streams that do not require we trade hour for dollar. One of those avenues is launching a membership site for recurring and residual income.

Our guest today on the Beyond the Image podcast is Alison Lumbatis who went from running a blog she started as a personal project to launching and scaling a membership platform, Get Your Pretty On, that in only a few short years is earning 7 figures.

In this episode, host James Patrick and Alison discuss the journey she took to create her personal platform, how she targeted her audience’s pain points, the importance of trusting your voice, how she cross marketed, why consistency beats luck, the value of scarcity, the various membership site monetization and sales strategies, how to engage and include members into the process and why you should seek to own all of your assets in the development of your own membership site.

This episode is perfect is you are ready to, or even curious about, launch your own membership site and the most effective ways to scale its growth.

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