In this episode of the Beyond the Image Podcast host James Patrick interviews Russ Perry the founder and CEO of Design Pickle which provides unlimited graphic design services on a subscription base model.

The interview covers the 22 years that James and Russ have known each other, but dives deep into both how and why Design Pickle was created.

Russ discusses the full story of owning his own ad agency that was churning between $1-to-$3 million per year and why he had to step away from that business. From there he pivoted into freelance consulting and design work until the model of the subscription service presented itself to him that led him to launch Design Pickle which is now in its fifth year of business with exponential growth.

The conversation does not just cover the business growth of the company, it also goes deep into how we as entrepreneurs develop ourselves, set our vision for our future and act with intention to make that future a reality.

Listeners can connect with Russ on Instagram @RussPerry as well as check out

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