Imagine for a moment that you are the only person who does what you do in your area. You are the only model or photographer or graphic designer or makeup artist or guacamole maker. No one else does what you do. In this instance – who has the power?

Obviously you do. The client has very little power – either they hire you or don’t have your product or service at all.

Now imagine that there are four more people who do exactly what you do – what happens to the power then? It spreads out. The clients get a little more power as they are able to have choices and pricing changes as a result. But you still have some power.

Finally, imagine that one of these four other people decides to do something different. They treat the clients better, they come up with new and innovating and creative ways to do business, they deconstruct the industry and change their approach to become more reliable and people in turn pay more for it. Then who has all the power?

The reality is that now, everyone is a model or a photographer or a makeup artist or a graphic designer or a guacamole maker. There is no shortage of competition.

So. if all you’re doing is the same as the masses – why would anyone ever pay you more for that?

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto