In the 14 years I’ve been attempting to grow a career in photography, I’ve never particularly been lucky. In fact it has often felt like the complete opposite. From an outsider perspective it appears that others have had it far easier than me. Of course that is not necessarily true; just my bias viewpoint.


The truth is that I’ve had to work extraordinarily hard to grow the success I’ve had. I’ve had to put in countless hours, I’ve had to try a lot of different things and most importantly, I’ve had to fail a lot to grow my business to where it is today.


With your own ventures – I don’t want you to think that luck will be on your side either. It is a dangerous outlook. Plan on being unlucky. Plan on having to work harder, longer and smarter than anyone else. That is a much better approach tha leaving it to fate.


James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto