What is on your To Do List for today? Do you have to sit in a long meeting? Maybe you have to run around town doing errands or chores around the house. Will you spend a few hours refreshing your social media pages hoping for an update to satisfy your appetite?

Here are a few things to consider adding to your To Do List for the day.

Do NOT wait to be contacted. Looking at an empty e-mail inbox and a phone without a voicemail letting you know about the next job or opportunity for you? Today is the day to be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t wait for them to get in touch with you. Contact those you are interested in working with. Illustrate to them who you are and what you offer which is new or different or amazing.

Make a NEW connection. Maybe it is a fellow colleague in the industry, a prospective client or just someone you have respect for. Don’t look at it as a business step or a transaction. Simply make a new connection that you did not have before to expand your network +1.

Post/Share/Publish/Start something completely new. That blog you wanted to launch. That project you wanted to put out there. The venture you wanted to start on. Today is the day you can do it.

In the spirit of a new To-Do List; my colleagues and I are beginning to break ground today on a bevy of new and exciting projects. More details on that will be coming soon; but it all began with the choice to make it happen.

What will you choose to do today?

James Patrick