This is a guaranteed, fool-proof method on how not to succeed… try to replicate a competitor’s story or brand.

We see this trend often when a modeling talent will have a unique background, story or approach. They brand it, market it and succeed from it.

Then a legion of replica talents appear suddenly claiming they have similar backgrounds, stories and approaches as they attempt to enter the market.

Yet the market doesn’t need that anymore. It already had it with the first person. You don’t win anything by being the 17th version of someone else.

You can never be better version of someone else. But what you can do is develop what separates you from the rest of the congested market.

Mac did this to PC by asking people to “Think Different” and years later Samsung did it to Mac by encouraging you to look at “the next big thing.”

Success is not attained through following the formula someone else created. It is about blending your own that makes you stand apart.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto