I’ve been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs lately who have all been suffering from and struggling with the same symptoms.

  • They are lacking motivation
  • They are struggling creatively
  • They are confused about next steps to take
  • They are having difficulty finding the will to get momentum

And they all say the same thing: “WTF is wrong with me?”

Unfortunately this self doubt and internal battle is compounding all the symptoms above as they go into this downward spiral.

But the truth… the truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and it is important to take into account the context of the situation we all have been facing in 2020.

  • A global pandemic that for quite literally decimated not only the way we do business, but the way we live our lives.
  • The most historic movement for social justice and equality that many of us have ever witnessed in our lives.
  • And add to all of that, one of the most emotionally driven election years we have experienced where common ground no longer seems to exist.

Not a single person has not had this impact their life in some form. And some have had to endure much more. Perhaps a struggling business, overwhelming uncertainty of what decisions to make, unable to see or truly connect with friends, family and loved ones, or even feeling the division of political partisanship as it infiltrates into our communities and event families.

All of this is happening and you are wondering why you lack motivation?

You are wondering why you are struggling creatively?

You are wondering why you are confused about next steps to take?

You are wondering why you find it difficult to get the momentum you wish you had?

The reality is, how could you not be feeling all these things?

Thanks to social media, all we are ever seeing are the greatest hits in the lives of others. Influencers, coaches, leaders all flaunting their abundance and as a result, shaming you for not having the right mindset or attitude or grit or determination.

But that is not the truth. You do not have a mindset, attitude, grit or determination problem. The truth is – you have every right to feel all of this and you need to give yourself the grace you need to navigate these emotions.

What this situation is giving us, every single one of us, is the opportunity to ask


You see, many of us are still trying to get back to where we used to be.

We are still trying to work in the goal we had previously set.

We are still trying to strive towards the future we thought we wanted.


For all this year has done that resulted in so many pain, anger and fear… what it also did was create A GREAT PAUSE.

A pause for you to ask what you actually want moving forward.

And it may very well be different from what you thought you wanted before.

The reason for the continued struggle and confusion is that perhaps you are working towards something that NO LONGER SERVES YOU.

We need to stop placing preconceived notions and expectations on our future actions.

It does not matter what you’ve done before, where you’ve invested before, how close you reached before.

What matters is where you want to go now.

You don’t need permission to do this, but in case you think you do, here it is…

YOU GET TO WRITE THE SCRIPT for the life you want to create.

Ask yourself what you want

Ask yourself what you do not want

And pay close attention to the answers you give yourself.

Because we all get to be the authors in this next chapter of our lives.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto