Here is a glance at my morning routine and ritual. I put the kettle on to boil water for coffee and sit comfortably on my couch. I grab my leather bound notebook and my pen and flip open to the next available page. From there I start writing.

Each morning I am not sure where the writing is going to go as I literally try to continue writing without stopping. There is a reason for this that I am certain has a lot of science behind it, but let me explain what it does for me.

As I am feverishly jotting down whatever comes to my mind I have for force my brain to do two things at once. It needs to put together the sentence as I am writing it, but then also it needs to quickly think of the next thing for me to put onto paper.

Sometimes I will literally be writing about how I am unsure what to write next, until something comes to me. Doing this is a fantastic way to get the brain to start churning and exercising.

We put so much emphasis on training the muscles in our body as they will atrophy without pressure being applied. The same can be said for our brain. When we exercise it through free writing, it gets stronger, faster and more adept.

I’ve been free writing daily for several months now and I’ve found that it has helped with my clarity, how quickly I can analyze situations as well as how creative I am throughout the day.

So regardless of how busy my day ahead may be, I gift myself at least 5 minutes to sit down, uninterrupted and exercise myself mentally.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto