A few weeks ago I received a DM from a photographer on Instagram. It was a short message asking how I could have so many thousands of followers on Instagram but why I am only getting a few hundred likes per photo. The intent was not innocuous. This photographer was trying to knock me down, find a flaw in my work or in my marketing.

I admit I was curious as to who would send such a stupid message trying to pick a digital fight so I looked at his page. His work was actually good. Then I checked out his engagement. He was getting thousands of likes with only a few hundred followers. That seemed backwards. So I checked the likes he was getting. They were from clickfarm accounts.

What is a clickfarm account? Fake accounts that like posts when you pay them to. Great way to look like you’re getting a lot of engagement when you’re actually not.


Seriously?! Not only are you picking a stupid digital fight, but you don’t even have the legitimacy to back up your main argument?

This is why, despite having good work, you’re not successful.

What is the difference between this person and successful entrepreneurs, artists and change-markers?

The latter focus on their work.

The latter focus on who matters.

The latter focus on shipping.

If you want to be the former, caring more about trying to knock others down than doing the real work to grow your brand – then you will end up like this person.

Talent is NOT enough. This person proved that.

But that is not you. You do the work.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto