That is how the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” But there is a fatal flow in this logic. Or perhaps it was an error in forecasting how people would use practice.

Today the realm of “practice” has become a home for safety, for not launching, for not putting yourself out into the marketplace to be judged. After all, it is just practice, it is just a hobby, it is not a real thing yet.

It is something we see fitness talents do a lot. They practice on their portfolio with amateur photographers instead of hiring a pro to do it right. They practice on their personal training without finalizing that certification and signing clients. They practice on their blog by jotting down notes and ideas without ever hitting publish.

No one will take you serious until you do. You can spend an entire lifetime practicing your hobby. Or you can launch it and make it a reality. Choice is yours.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto