We all buy dish detergent – well most of us anyway. However our purchasing decision for dish detergent is not a long, difficult process. It typically involves either picking up whatever is on sale, whatever we have a coupon for, or whatever we bought the last time. It is a split second decision. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is obsessed and in love with their dish detergent.

Why? They are all about the same. It would be difficult to distinguish one from the other. They are attempting to appeal to the mass market so everything becomes homogenized.

Now – imagine if models or photographers were looked at in the same way that dish detergent was. Little-to-no thought was put into the purchase or hiring. It was whoever was on sale, or the cheapest or the last person we used. It was a nano-second decision. Would make our business a bit more difficult I imagine.

Obviously that really is not how decisions are made when it comes to our business. Yet despite that, people are still just mimicking and copying others. If everyone copies everyone else’s brand – then they all become about the same – like detergent – no one stands out.

Thus, if you want to be noticed, then you must do something different to stand out from the crowd. What separates you and makes you worth noticing?

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto