Sorry you didn’t get a good workout in. I’m not really a personal trainer… it is just a hobby of mine.

Sorry I dropped the ball on the photo shoot. I’m not really a model… it is just a hobby of mine.

Sorry your website looks like crap. I’m not really a web designer… it is just a hobby of mine.

Sorry that I rushed through the photo shoot and didn’t properly post produce your images. I’m not really a photographer… it is just a hobby of mine.

The problem with hobbies is not the interest of doing something you find enjoyable. It is when they are used as an excuse while you are holding yourself back.

You see, hobbies are very easy to hide behind. By calling what you do, merely a hobby, you are essentially shirking from the opportunity to do it amazingly. You are pleading for people to not hold you accountable for what you are doing.

I however am challenging you to be accountable.

If you want to be a model, then don’t call it a hobby. Go out there, take chances and be a model. If you want to be a photographer, make up artist, graphic designer, website designer, or anything really… then just say that is what you are going to do and do it beyond what you currently think you are capable of.

Don’t merely hide behind the excuse that it is just a hobby.

Happy Halloween!

James Patrick