A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with this fantastic marketing specialist in creating some images. At some point they switched careers and ended up leading the marketing for what became one of our biggest clients. They took us with them in their journey.

I had this great working relationship with this art director. He left the company that I was doing a lot of work for to join a new company. Our working relationship continued on at his new company.

I had this project manager at one firm. She left to head off to a new company – which I then started doing work with.

Notice the trend?

When you set out to build great business relationships – focus on the people (as opposed to the company). Build great relationships with great people you enjoy working with. If they ever shift jobs (not uncommon) – chances are they will take you with them.

How do you build strong relationships with your clients?

1. Know their wants and needs. What are they in need of that you can help with? What problems can you alleviate?

2. Demonstrate your experience and expertise. Show them how you can help them solved their problems or achieve their needs.

3. Deliver and then deliver some more. Constantly reinforce why they hired you.

4. Stay in touch. Most of our work comes from our previous clients. Stay in touch, continue the loop and get to know their next needs and wants.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto