Perhaps you are hiring a waiter or waitress. They take your order, they process it and they deliver the final product or service back to you. Since they take no effort in the creation of it, they have no invested interest in the outcome.

Sure; they may take down your complaints (much like they took down your order) but if you’re truly unsatisfied they can easily claim deniability in the results.

Ironically however, they will certainly relish in any compliments that are offered.

Alternatively you can hire chefs. Chefs are the ones who do they work. They create, they often experiment, they develop. Sure, chefs make mistakes and sometimes have unhappy customers.

However chefs have no shields of deniability to hide behind. They’re invested into what they do – and the outcome from their efforts.

Within our industry I see a lot of waiters and waitresses. I see them taking orders, collecting payment, not doing the work and not only accepting – but demanding praise.

My compliments, however, go to the chef.

James Patrick