In a conversation I had with a modeling talent this week she was talking to me about an upcoming photo shoot she had scheduled.

However in regards to the photographer she said “I have to be careful not to fall into traps like other girls and stay on the fitness side of things.”

I was a bit confused by that statement and why a talent would hire a photographer (or anyone for that matter) who they could not trust and who may attempt to lead them into “traps.”

If I were to look at my contract work in the last year I had hired and paid a web designer, a graphic designer, a production manager, a lead photo assistant, a secondary photo assistant, several one day assistants, a stylist, a videographer, a copy editor, an art director and half a dozen separate makeup artists.

Each one of these people I trusted completely – not only with the work I assigned them, but with the representation of my brand.

And if I did not trust them – I simply would hire someone else I could trust as there are more than a small finite number of people who can provide the services I need.

So when it comes to you as a modeling talent – why would you risk your investment of something as important as a photo shoot for your brand with someone that you were unable to trust?

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto