Today marks my 185th blog post on this website dating back to August of 2010. When I first started, I was very unclear as to the direction I wanted to take the blog in. I posted a piece maybe once a week, then once every other week, then once a month.

In the middle of 2011 I began to develop my understand of what my blog could be and started to construct a calendar of editorial ideas for topics to cover. The concept was to develop and produce content which my clients (prospective modeling talents) could use to learn from and push forward in their own careers.

From there I blogged once a week on content where I interviewed magazine editors, successful commercial and editorial talents, discussed marketing and business development efforts and even shared pieces of my own journey and lessons-learned.

At the start of 2013 I decided to increase the blogs to two releases per week compared to the one release per week I had been doing for the past year and a half.

As with all things I invest my time into, I have a series of goals and milestones I am looking to take this blog towards. In no particular order – here they are listed out for you to have an idea of what you can expect to see in the coming year.

This past year I wrote a few articles which received a lot of traffic and feedback. They were longer articles in which I spent time interviewing multiple sources and compiling a variety of information. An example of this was the article I wrote entitled The Revealing Truth on Showing Skin in which I interviewed various magazine editors and commercial clients on their thoughts as to when a talent applies and has revealing images in their portfolio. In the new year I would like to do more articles that require more in-depth research and interviews for content which can be beneficial and helpful to talents.

What better way to learn on what to do or not to do from the people who are the decision makers themselves? Look forward to the opportunity to read my interviews with some high profile clients in the coming year (both editorial and commercial clients).  Also if you like those, do check out my podcast at for audio interviews that myself and my business partner Jason do.

Many of you received my first manifesto – Developing Your Personal Brand as a Modeling Talent. I have a second one coming out in just a few weeks (this one for sale) on everything a talent needs to know to pitch to fitness publications. It includes interviews with multiple fitness publication editors as well as from highly published fitness talents and marketing and communication professionals. More details on this to come soon. In 2104 I will release multiple books and guides. Some for free and some for sale for your review and consumption!

Although it has been awhile since we’ve done this, I am planning to bring back some more behind the scenes production notes and features detailing how we put together the projects we work on. Including how we manage productions, set up the shot and create the final project.

I want to hear from you all on what you want to see in this blog. This blog is created, written and published for you and as such I work for you and cover topics that you want to be reviewed. I look forward to hearing from you on what you would like to see from this blog and myself in 2014!

Thank you all for your readership and support. Please share this blog with others you feel could enjoy or benefit from it as well!

James Patrick