Most of my articles are focused on not slowing down, not being delayed and overcoming all obstacles. They are certainly not about giving up. However sometimes giving up is the best option.

Looking at it simply, giving up could save you from losing too much. Yet more importantly, giving up could mean freeing up the resources needed to do something else important.

I’ve given up on a lot of things in the last decade. I gave up a promotions company I started. I gave up two separate magazines I launched as well a third I helped launch. I gave up on a creative collaboration I was starting. I gave up on a screenplay I was working on. I gave up on an independent movie I was a part of. I gave up on being the lead singer of two bands I was a part of. I gave up on working as a journalist. I gave up working as an in house marketing specialist.

Giving all these things up allowed me to focus my efforts, my energy and my abilities on growing my photography business.

Giving up should never be done out of fear. Giving up needs to be done when, and only when, there is no success to be had. When finishing the project means failing in the long run.

That can be a hard barometer to read. Seth Godin wrote about this measuring of when to quit in his book The Dip which I would strongly encourage you to pick up and give a read.

However my measuring stick has always guided me to quit something when it has a lower return than investment and I can apply that investment into something more meaningful or with more potential for success.

So what can you quit to open up resources for your next opportunity?

James Patrick, ACG, ALB
IG @jpatrickphoto