This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of a highly awesome moonlight hike during a full moon. After a brisk hike right after sunset, a group of about 30 of us sat down for a meditation session led by Danna Salhani where we got to then release mental and emotional barriers that were holding us back by literally writing them on a piece of paper and burning them. Don’t worry, they were safely burned in a metal container and we had copious amounts of water nearby. By the time the meditation was over we then hiked down off the mountain under the light of the full moon.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Would it surprise you to know the entire event was a commercial endeavor?

My best friend of more than a decade, Jason Black, launched his own clothing line last year called Agstract Apparel. The idea was actually quite ingenious. Jason loves photographing rocks, gemstones and precious minerals up close to show the intricacies and patterns of colors. He would then print his beautiful images on canvas that people could purchase and hang up as artwork in their house.

The idea to turn his prints into a clothing line was his “a ha” moment stroke of inspiration. What better way to celebrate and share his love for the beauty the earth creates then to create a series of yoga and athletic leggings using those same patterns? After all, who loves Mother Earth more than yogis?

Flash forward a few months and Jason now has his online store set up and ready to do business. He posts about his work on social media and a few sales are trickling in – but something is missing.


The essence of a community is a group of people, a tribe, connected under a unified idea, or concept or vision. In the case of Agstract Apparel it was the love for both being active and an affinity for the Earth itself.

Jason began hosting monthly get-togethers for people to connect and share in an experience as a community.

The first was a yoga class, the second was the moonlight hike and meditation. The third, which tickets are on sale now, is a rock-climbing event. He is also arranging a group clean up to get together to help restore Mother Earth a little bit.

At the events, there are no hard sales pitches for his clothing line – yet people are so excited to get their own leggings because it becomes more than just an apparel company. It is a community. It becomes a movement.

That is what would accelerate your own brand right now. Build a community around it.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto