A good blog does one thing consistently; it delivers content that an audience wants on a regular or routine schedule. The same can be said for a YouTube channel or podcast.

The two keys are:

  • Content that the audience wants
  • On a schedule

Thus, the question is, what does your audience want?

Think about the platforms you subscribe to. If you subscribe to a fitness channel, you are probably doing so for either workout routine tips or recipes. Thus if the writer decides to start using their platform to talk about their views on politics, blockchains, their favorite TV shows, or anything other than what you signed up for – then you are out.

I stopped listening to my favorite podcast because it was no longer delivering me the content that I wanted. The host shifted from comedy and discussions of current affairs to endless rants on topics that did not impact a large portion of the audience.

When you start a blog, or a podcast or a video series – you are essentially making a promise to your audience. Come here for this specific thing. Just don’t break that promise.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

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