We are coming into the home stretch for our second round of the LAUNCH program where we work with entrepreneurs who want to LAUNCH their idea into a reality.

One of the most essential elements we examine with all the participants is their turning points. You too have a turning point. In your journey to achieve something (whatever it might be) there was a moment that everything changed for you.

Perhaps it was something positive like a challenge from a friend or colleague to do something that then inspired you to want to share it with the world. Perhaps it was something difficult that you had to overcome that forced you to dig truly deep to emerge transformed.

It is important for you to understand what the turning point was in your journey and then it is equally important for you to share that turning point with your audience.

Why? We as consumers are human and we connect with humanity. Showing your turning point shows your transformation. It shows that you were able to get from one point to the next and that means that they can to.

Thus my challenge to those of you reading this is, if you have not yet, to start to figure out what your turning point is. Journal about it, meditate on it. Then once you have it figured out – share your turning point with the world and then show how you want to help others find their own turning points.

Best wishes on your journey!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

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